Searching for something?

for ages 2 to 3 years old

Speech & Drama for Pre-Nursery

Become an explorer on an expedition for treasure, mount your horse to fight a dragon, captain a ship and explore the seven seas!

The Speech & Drama Programme is a gateway to introduce pre-nursery children to the English language in a natural, safe and stimulating environment. Through drama themed activities and tools such as stories, music, movement, rhymes as well as puppets, we aim to nurture your child’s imagination, creativity, social skills and speech clarity such that they build the confidence crucial at this stage of their development. Our goal is for each and every child to reach key developmental milestones and be able to confidently express themselves as they begin to make sense of the world around them.

Our students will

  • Build confidence through drama and role play
  • Learn effective verbal communication through stories, discussion & drama
  • Develop clear speech & accuracy in pronunciation through poems & speech exercises
  • Build social skills through interaction & collaboration
  • Learn vocabulary through language dynamics and stories
  • Foster creativity & imagination through various activities

Programmes Highlights

  • Speech craft
  • Creative Drama: role-play, masks and puppetry
  • Language Dynamics: developing language and motor skills; hands-on experience & dramatic play
  • Vocabulary building
  • Story Building: imagine and create stories
  • Poetry Alive: Appreciation of simple poetry and rhymes
  • Music and movement, learn through rhythm and sounds
  • Phoneme awareness, incorporating phonics and letter sounds associations
  • Picture Talk