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Formed by a group of experienced educators passionate about imparting essential life skills to young children, our company is dedicated to preparing your child for a journey towards success in life.

As a mother, bringing up my children in the early 90’s, I realized that aside from academic achievements, other aspects of my childrens’ education such as communication skills, self-confidence and ability to think out of the box mind set were equally important. These personal development skills were hardly a focus in the past which are critical in developing young minds into confident, creative and eloquent individuals. In today’s environment, I believe it is even more relevant to develop such skills early to provide a good head start for our children.

Motivated by this need to provide a holistic education, we dug into our ‘treasure chest’ of experience to handcraft systematic and fun-filled programmes such as Speech, Drama & Brain Development curriculum, Phonics and many other curriculums using proven and effective pedagogical practices.

In 2004, we incorporated Treasure Chest Education Consultants (Singapore) Pte Ltd and in 2013, we started operations in Malaysia. Today, we continue to bring excellent value as a premier education provider, never losing sight of our passion for early childhood education.
Our journey towards excellence will continue and we look forward to touch the lives of each and every child under our care, empowering them for success wherever life’s journey leads them to.

It is indeed our privilege to have had so many young learners embark on their journey with us and we aim to continue guiding them towards discovering the joy of learning.
We believe in the process. We believe in the potential of our young learners and we certainly look forward to have your child join the Treasure Chest family.

Welcome to the joy of learning!

Sabina Lee
Founder of Treasure Chest Education

“Children learn best when they are having fun”