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for ages 4 to 6 years old

Speech, Drama & Brain Development Programme

Our Speech, Drama & Brain Development Programme focuses on several key aspects we believe to be essential for a young learner’s development. We adopt STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) as well as inquiry-based learning teaching methods to help our young learners acquire confidence in effective verbal communication, public speaking, presentation, critical thinking and collaborative skills.

Unlike contemporary teacher-led speech & drama classes, our curriculum prioritizes extensive interaction between our young learners, as we challenge them to think, analyze and solve problems through the exciting medium of drama tools such as poetry, theatre, mime, puppetry, role-play, masks and story-telling.

It is through this stimulating environment that our students acquire the skills and confidence we believe to be crucial to their development, all while having so much fun!

Our students will

  • Develop confidence in communicating and presenting through Show & Tell, Presentation, Drama, Role Play and Stand Up & Speak Out activities
  • Nurture public speaking skills
  • Spontaneously speak their thoughts aloud through discussions & role play
  • Improve articulation, voice projection and speech clarity through poetry and speech craft
  • Acquire drama performance skills through stage productions
  • Hone critical thinking skills through challenging scenarios
  • Cultivate problem-solving skills through maps, mazes and puzzles
  • Foster imagination & creativity through an extensive variety of activities

Programme Highlights

  • Stand up & speak out
  • Speech Craft
  • Stage Craft
  • Poetry Alive!
  • Brain Development activities
  • Creative Drama
  • Dance Drama
  • Presentation
  • Public speaking
  • Drama performance