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for ages 7 to 9 years old

Essential English Solutions Programme

In an ever interconnected and borderless world where English is the lingua franca, possessing a good command of English is crucial to every child’s success as they navigate through life’s journey. The Essential English Solutions Programme was created to guide our students towards achieving this objective.

Utilizing STELLAR and Inquiry-based teaching methods, we equip your child with all the necessary core skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking while exposing them to the world of Drama, Public Speaking and Presentation. We encourage students to actively participate and practice these skills as we strongly believe in the notion that practice makes perfect. This process is crucial in helping them build self-confidence and acquire proficiency in the English Language.

We welcome your child to join us on this vital journey towards language proficiency!

Our students will

  • Acquire cognitive skills through exposure to various genres and age appropriate text to develop core skills in reading, thinking, reasoning and analyzing
  • Nurture creativity through poetry, drama, presentation, performance and written composition
  • Develop lateral and inferential thinking from selected literary texts
  • Build self-confidence and language proficiency through Performance, Drama, Public Speaking & Presentation
  • Learn grammar rules
  • Expand their vocabulary & comprehension through exposure to a wide array of selected theme based texts
  • Learn to write through exposure to drama script, poems, stories and many more
  • Improve on reading fluency, clarity and expression

Programme highlights

  • Readers’ theatre presentation
  • Choral speaking performance
  • Story Telling
  • Oral presentation (Persuasive Speech)
  • Interview Session
  • Renowned children’s authors like Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl, Michael Rosen, Maurice Sendak, Julia Donaldson are used in our writing & reading segment