Primary 1 Preparatory Programme ( 6 Years Old)

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Primary One Preparatory Programme introduces an important foundation in English Language for a smooth transition for children from Kindergarten to Primary One in Singapore and Malaysia.


  • To develop pupils’ confidence, oral fluency and competency in English Language in line with *STELLAR, learning strategy used in primary schools.
  • *acronym for Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading Programme
  • To build ability to write ‘thoughts’ spontaneously
  • To express point of view through interactive activities
  • Maximize the development of children’s multiple intelligence
  • Stimulate the brains for analytical thinking to support writing ability
  • Wider use of vocabulary and a growing command of language
  • Develop knowledge of grammar rules
  • Develop ability to do Cloze Passages

Lesson Content and Activities

  • Strategies on writing short compositions
  • Techniques on cloze passages
  • Vocabulary building and sentence structure
  • Grammar Rules
  • Listening & Writing Comprehension
  • Oral and written book review
  • Creative Writing Approach – brainstorming, discussion, sharing ideas
  • Interactive and Stimulating Methods: drama and games
  • Comprehension Skills from a chosen books, text and poems

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